Gravity Guy

Gravity Guy Description

Gravity guy is one of the most famous flash games. This game doesn't contain any common subject matter. With an entirely different story line, this game depicts a new era of fun. The central character of the game is the gravity guy unblocked. With three playing modes this game is truly very interesting and probably one of the most entertaining Unblocked Games at our website. Every mode is different from each other. You can begin to play the game with the story mode. This mode is the key mode of the game. Through this mode, you can reach the ultimate goal. The game shows that you are walking through the street, and the policeman is chasing you. When the policeman is about to catch you, then you just flip the gravity switch, and instantly you send the policeman in the air, which means the policeman is sailing into the air. Now every mode of the game has some new features, which make the game more attractive. After the story mode, you can go through the practice mode. This mode is a little bit different from the story mode. Now one key fact regarding the practice mode is this mode is mainly helpful for those, who already have played the game several times. That means for an experienced player this mode is a very easy mode to play. In this mode, the chasing of the police officer is not present, and this makes the game more beautiful because you can use your intellect and skills in this mode. This game contains multiplayer mode. This game includes 30 levels, full of different actions. In a word, it is a really nice game.