Frequently Asked Questions

Flash game not working, what can i do?

We recommend you avoid Firefox for flash games and use Chrome web browser to play them. If the game does not load you can contact us to replace it using the contact us form. If the page says "plugin not found", then Adobe Flash Player is probably missing from your computer and you can download it using this link.

Unity game not working, what can i do?

Google Chrome recently droped Unity Web Player from their inventory and their users are no longer able to use the plugin. This is why we recommend using Firefox web browser instead for playing unity platform based games. If you don't have Unity Web Player installed yet you can download and install it using this link. If you are using Firefox and you have Unity Web Player installed but you still can't play the game then make sure you contact us.

I found a bug in a game, where to report it?

We are sorry but we don't own the games and therefore we can not edit them. All the games published at our website are only streamed by us and belong to their respective owners. If you found a bug and want to report it you need to do your own investigation and find the contact of the developer.

The progress of my game is lost, what can i do?

The progress in the games you play is saved and stored in form of cookies into your computer. If you want to avoid your progress being deleted, then make sure you are not using private browsing features and don't clear your history and cookies.

If your question is not covered by any of the topics above then make sure you contact us at and we will reply as fast as possible.