Failman Description

Failman, the man who helps you to fail! This is amazing puzzle-adventure game and it can bring you happiness while you are playing it. This game is about a super hero called himself as Failman. The super hero is helping people and animals to fail in what they are trying to do. The super hero is dressed in red outfit, orange scarf and red sunglasses and that makes him look like clown. He have power to fly, brake a wall, drink the whole water from lake, but he has no brain.

1) In first level the superhero needs to help the poor man to earn some money to solve his problems. While the poor man was standing next to a bank, Failman broke into the bank, took all money and gave it to the poor man. The poor man was caught by the police, so the superhero has made him fail.
2) Second level is about a little girl who cries about not having a balloon. So when the superhero saw that the little girl is crying about a balloon, he found a balloon and went next to her. He inflate the balloon and gave it to her. But he didn't thought that the balloon will raise the girl up to the sky.
3) This level is about a woman waiting for her bus at bus stop. When the car pass through her it will make her wet, so the job for the superhero was to make her wetter.
4) Level four is about a kid playing an action game. While the kid is losing the battle in the game, Failman found a way to help him win by braking his TV.
5) In level five the superhero need to prevent fire. He founds a way to done that by spraying the fire with oil.
6) This level six is very funny. The superhero thought that he was fighting against zombies so he kicked all of them. But when he tried to punch the last zombie, he discovered that this was an halloween party.
7) In this level the Failman tried to help the thirsty man who was laying on the sand. After he discovered a way to find a water, he filled the mans tummy full with water.
8) The businessman has a low battery on his phone so he is nervous about that. So the superhero tried to help him by connecting his phone directly to electric pole. After connecting the phone with the pole the businessman got electric shock, so the superhero failed again.
9) While the superhero was flying he saw a burglar standing next to bank. So he went down to stop a robbery and kicked the burglar. But he didn't know that the burglar was an actor and they were filming a scene.
10) Old granny is crying about her kitty who was stucked at tree. The failman saw that and went next to the granny to help her get her kitty. So he grab a saw and started to cut the tree. After cutting the tree he got the kitty, but the tree fell over the granny.

All the credits for Failman game goes to PPLLAAYY because they have created this funny game. The website "Addicting Games" have bought the rights for the game and they own it. As you can see the graphics and background music are made by professionals.