Dino Run 2

Dino Run 2 is the advanced version of Dino Run. Have you ever played Dino Run? Do you like it? Are you the fan of Dino Run? If the answer is yes, then absolutely you will like Dino Run 2 Unblocked too. It is the game of dinosaurs. Amazed!! Yep! You as the player of the game need to help a Dinosaur. The age of Dinosaur is no more now. But the craze of the dinosaurs still exists even though they are extinct. Once there exists different types of Dino's both carnivorous and herbivorous. They were the king of the world when they were present.In this game you are going to help the one who was once the ruler of the earth. You are going to help the dinosaurs to safely reach the Dino sanctuary. Unlike Dino Run the distance in Dino Run is more. The activities such as climbing hills, pausing hurdles, catching food and the eggs are same as the Dino Run. Keyboard keys are used as the controller for this game. To know about the controls and how to help Dino go to the instructions page.The game is designed in 2-dimensional animation. The colors used in this game give the feeling of nature and the age of Dino's, when it is green and the red color gives the feeling of danger. The colors used in this game denote the status of the Dino. Yes! When it is green it is safe and red it is in danger. So help the Dino by running fast and make him feel safe.

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