Curve Fever 2

Curve Fever 2 Description

Do you know what curves are about? Making an arc, making a circle, passing the arc in between a loop and many more things can be done by the arc. However, how about a game in which you are required to beat someone by making an arc that follows certain set of rules for giving you the winning experience.

Curve Fever 2 is one such game that not only allows you to play with the arc but also help in improving some of your creative abilities. Well, the gameplay is simple. With the support of the right and the left key you will have to make an arc that follows the following set of rules:

  • Your arc should not touch the border.
  • Your arc should not reach your arc.
  • You cannot make a circle using the arc.

All these conditions will let you lose a point. While playing with the other player if one of the above-stated conditions is fulfilled by him then you will get the point and once you collect ten such points, you will be able to win the game.

Isn't all of this is interesting? Moreover, you can play as a guest or login into the game so that you can preserve your gaming history. Both the free and the premium games are available for you to play and hence you can achieve success very quickly while playing this game. Curve Fever 2 is one of the most entertaining, free online game that you can play from anywhere at any time with the help of the browser and the internet.