Boombot 2

Boombot 2 Description

If you are looking for a cool, relaxing, yet fun game, Boombot is the right game for you. If you ever wondered about bombs and their awesomeness, this game might be interesting for you. The game is an uncomplicated one. All that you need to do is to just explode the bomb at the right place so that Boombot can get to the exit gates using as few bombs as possible. You are the one who would select the location of the bomb and move Boombot. The game can be played by children in even in their primary educator sections as it is an easy and fun game without much violence. It has received some great review in recent times and people of all ages are loving the game especially kids.

The only way in which the game can be played is through the use of a mouse.
The game is pretty easy to understand even by amateurs. You don’t have to pick your brain to overcome difficult rules of the game. So basically, you click the mouse and a particular point and a bomb goes off. You have to choose the location of the bombing in such a way that our hero Boombot can reach the exit without using many bombs. TNT explosions are heavy bombs which would give a lot of momentum to the Boombot. On the other hand, the senso gel would go off even with sudden impact or movement. Another interesting element is the oil barrels which catch fire easily and then burst out.