Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Description

Let's get ready for the ultimate action and defense in Bloons tower defense 5 game. The battle in this game is challenging as the players have to build tower, get cool special agents and conquer the tower in the game. The game is full of fun, adventure, action and various surprises. Now you have to defend the tower from different enemies and be the hero of the world.

  • The number of towers in the game is 21 and they are very powerful thing you will get in the game. Also, these towers abilities can be activated and can also be upgraded.
  • There are more than 50 tracks in the game which make this game more attractive and enjoyable.
  • As said before the game includes many special agents which help you to solve the difficult challenges in the game. Till now the number of special agents is 10 and it will become more later in the game when it will be upgraded.
  • The co-op tracks in the game are customizable as you can make them according to your will and the numbers of players in it are 2.
  • When it is about action and adventure game then there is mission and in this game, there are 10 exciting missions who are thrilling and full of excitement.
  • Also, you will get more than 250 random missions in this game and the game is available in three different modes.
Bloons tower defense 5 game also consists of family-friend theme which makes you to enjoy this game with your loved ones.