Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends Description

Basketball legends game is dedicated to the big starts of basketball game. You can now play with your favorite basketball players and company them in their matches. The game includes many players who are legends of this game and now in the sport fantasy world, they will share their playing court with you. If you ever imagined of playing basketball with you favorite players then this game is meant for you.

The game includes many playing modes like arcade mode and challenge mode. In both the modes, players have to earn points as more as they can and the gameplay is very easy to learn. Also, the game includes various power ups which help the players to double their scores. In challenge mode, players have to score big by unlocking the courts in the game.

The swipe control of the game is one of the game satisfying experiences. The control of the game is rhythm based and works very smooth in it. Through this smooth control, players can able to drop the hoops without any problems.

The environment of the game will give you the realistic look of basketball. The streets roads are concrete floors and the steel courtyard look just amazing in the game. Also, the different courts in the game bring new challenges for the players and the objective of each one of them is different.

Besides all of this, Basketball legends stars of the game are customizable, connect with your friend through social networking sites and the game is absolutely free for you.